Add Estate Jewelry to Your Collection

Add Estate Jewelry to Your Collection

Wear your new piece with pride

Gabe's Fine Jewelers has a wide selection of estate jewelry for sale. Choose from a wide variety of finishes, like gold, silver or platinum. We also have beautiful stone options, like diamonds, rubies, amethysts and sapphires.

We take pride in providing trustworthy service. That's why we send each piece off to be appraised, inspected and validated. To check out these gorgeous items in person, visit our store today.

Find a piece of jewelry that speaks to you

Estate jewelry is precious because it tells someone else's story. Now, it's your turn to make new memories with a beautiful piece. We can't wait to see what you plan to do with our estate jewelry. You'll get to choose from popular brands, like:

Judy Mayfield

We'll help you choose the right piece that matches your style and budget.

Visit our jewelry store today to see what we have in stock.